Best Hatchbox Filaments Review for 2018

When it comes to 3D printing material, you must get the best available in market.

Some of the brilliant 3D Printing filaments are manufactured by Hatchbox, known for innovation and application of top technology in manufacturing 3D printer filaments.

The products offered by this company are meant to reorganize your 3D printing tasks so that you can see your thoughts become a reality.

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Hatchbox Filaments Review: Clogging?

With these quality filaments you will be able do a plethora of printing projects. The most important benefit of these filaments is that you will have virtually zero complaints of clogging. Due to this reason this brand is widely accepted for the professional 3D printing assignments.

Many buyers of these filaments have claimed that they can work well at variable temperatures to get the required quality of prints. But the printer model is the deciding factor here, and most of the 3D printer models that are compatible with Hatchbox filament, are actually doing some brilliant printing tasks.

How to get the best results with this high-end product?

There are certain things to be taken care of, as per the recommendations by the manufacturer. One of the guidelines is that you must protect these filaments from absorbing moisture by storing them in some protective cover like a packing box or zippered bag enclosing a dehumidifier. Any negligence of this precaution will result in brittleness and decline in quality of the filament 3d.

The filaments are available as PLA, ABS, and HIPS 1.75 mm filaments – priced these filaments nominally. All you have to pay is about 22 USD per kilogram. When you get the shipment, you will find it safely packed in a vacuum sealed container ensuring its standard factory condition. The objects printed using these filaments are evenly colored, without any strings or blots.

High Number of Satisfied Buyers!

The high quality printing tasks and its reasonable price are the reasons for its appreciation and endorsement by the Amazon Buyers.

Hatchbox 1.75mm Black PLA Review

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Hatchbox PLA Black
Hatchbox PLA Black

If you have exhausted your free shipped filaments with purchase of a 3D printer and you want some filaments which do not raise your expenses on filaments drastically, then try Hatchbox 1.75mm Black PLA 3D.

Your budget will be managed. You will have a far better quality of printing, which is the highlight of this brilliant filament from Hatchbox. Another advantage is that you will overcome all the problems like air bubbles, blockage and strings associated with a low quality free filament.


Fantastic output

If your painting task requires black pieces as final output, then you must get the Hatchbox 1.75mm Black PLA, which works like magic with almost all 3D printer models available. It creates those fantastic looking prototypes and sturdy models whose quality and texture is flawless and consistent, enhanced with a glossy finish.

Clog-free printing

Whatever setting you apply to printing motor, it won’t help with clogs and air bubbles, if the quality of filament is low. But with a spool of Hatchbox these problems will vanish and you have pretty smooth black prints.

Accurate printing

The Hatchbox 1.75mm Black PLA printer filament is guaranteed to give you accurate and predictable parts when the heated bed is used.

Low moisture absorption

If you are living at a place where humidity is the predominant weather, then you still can make high quality parts and prototype, since this filament is quite moisture-proof.

Superb packing

High care is taken in packing the filament spool on a plastic spool holder with Desiccant to minimize moisture. So, you get a moisture free filament without any tangles or kinks. It gives no hassles at all while feeding it into the motor.


If you have larger prototype to be printed, then you may find a little bend at its edges. This is not a big issue because it can be easily handled by preparing the surface accurately.

A little problem may be faced when you have to take off the print from the bed. Sometime you may feel that the parts made from this filament doesn’t work well with blue painters tape. But if you start with highest temperature at beginning and keep lowering temperature setting by 5 C, then you can get the expected results.


Hatchbox 1.75mm Black Filament has a large number of satisfied users due to its extreme ease of handling, sturdy material and the glossy black surface of the print. Out of 170 amazon buyers 77% have voted in favor of this remarkable 3D printing raw material.

So what else you need to ask for? Get this reliable and flexible filament for making highly robust and cost-effective prototypes for your clients or company.

Hatchbox 1.75mm Wood Filament

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Hatchbox 3D Wood
Hatchbox 3D Wood

Wooden art and decorative pieces add an elegant and a suave look to excellent interiors in your home. If you are one of those DIY diehards and have brilliant ideas to give a personalized look to your home, then take the help of wood 3D printer.

You would need a very flexible, strong and of course wood colored filament to implement such handicraft ideas. One of the most appreciated wood filaments is 1.75mm Wood Filaments made by Hatchbox, due to its brilliant output. Take a look at its pros and cons


Wooden touch

Without actually working with a difficult material like wood, you can still create some ravishing wooden creations using Hatchbox 1.75mm Wood. The final products with this filament are as good looking as any wooden object and that too with a smooth and soft touch.

Economical hobby

If you are a hobbyist who love to work with wood, but expensive tools for measurement, cutting, joining and finishing, comes as a blockage in your pastime. In such a case you can go ahead with wood 3D printing to pursue your interest. All you need is a pretty design and a printer with some quality raw material like wooden feel filament. It is cheap, so you can do as much printing as you wish.

Speedy and mess-free work

The 3D wood printing is very fast and does not produce saw dust as in case of working with woodcraft jobs. So you will have a mess free and enjoyable experience.

Intricate creations with ease

While real wood crafts require high precision and may take days to carve out the intricate pattern of a design. But when you are using efficient filaments like Hatchbox 1.75mm Wooden like Filament, you are able to create any intricate and high precision design, much easily.

No Warping

The 1.75mm Wood is very sturdy, so you can expect brilliant parts and art pieces with no deformities at all.

Fine Finishing

If the final product looks a bit dull on your expectations, you can sand and grind the print and finish it with oil based stain or Polyacrilic finish, to give it a sparkling gloss.


The only let down reported by some of the users is that the print remains brittle. But this can be handled by trying some temperature settings and selecting the one, which gives the perfectly sturdy print. With the right temperature adjustment and a heated bed, you can have far more better results.


This filament looks and feels like wood with its fibrous structure and when the printing is being done it faintly smells of burning wood. The layered surface definitely gives an apt wooden illusion. It can be sanded and stained to give a more realistic wooden feel.
All the Amazon customers of this filaments gave very high score to this filament due to its ease of use and speedy printing jobs.

So if you want to create some wooden masterpieces to show off your artistic skills, but dread the time you have to spend with wood work, then use wood printing with this outstanding filament from HatchBox. You will be flooded with compliments for your creativity.

The Best 3d Filaments

Hatchbox Black ABS

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Hatchbox ABS Black

Your creativity, if applied in artistry, can do wonders. You can create some innovative and wonderful artifacts with the assistance of right technology like Computer Aided Design with a 3D printer. To reach such achievable goals all you need is the right stuff at right time. So with a 3D printer and an equally good filament like Hatchbox 1.75 Filament, you can make a huge difference to the quality of your work.


Great Price

This filament is very aptly priced, and if you are working on a large consignment for you or your customers, then this will be the cost-effective choice to do printing of bulk parts. It delivers high value, at low cost.

Control Quality with temperature

If you have to tradeoff between time and quality, then Hatchbox 1.75mm Black ABS 3D Printer Filament is a perfect option. You can select fast setting and medium solid fill for speedy printing but quality will be slightly compromised. But if you have the patience and you need high quality parts, then you can make certain temperature adjustments but speed of prints will slow down.

Free of Nozzle jams

If you are frustrated with the filaments jamming the nozzle, then your hassles are over with Hatchbox 1.75mm Black ABS 3D. It gives zero problem of clogging, jamming and strings.

Handles Moisture well

The filament spool is shipped with in a protective box with a desiccant within, to eliminate any chances of brittleness or damage due to moisture. If at any occasion you forget to pack it properly, you still get the same good quality prints, because this filament can manage little quantity of moisture.

Strong prototypes

ABS filaments give you strong and reliable parts, which is important in projects where robustness is the core issue. You can use it for making parts and prototypes for robotics, machine designing and similar high-end projects.

Adheres well to baseplate

It glues to the heated baseplate so that the part you are creating is stabilized and takes its shape strictly according to the design.


The only problem faced by the users of the Black ABS is that its strong glossy black color stays on the nozzle. If your next printing job needs a light colored filament, the subsequent printing will have black pigments on its surface. But with a careful scheduling of jobs you can easily handle this minor issue.


The amazing black color filament can give robust and flawless prints, when printed with right temperature settings. The reliability and high quality of this ABS filaments having the perfect diameter that never jams the nozzle.

It ensures to create the perfect glossy black prints. 81 Amazon buyers out of 103 have sanctioned 4-5 star rating to this product. So impress your clients with amazingly strong parts and models created with Hatchbox 1.75mm Black Filament.


Hatchbox PLA White

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If you want that amazing right out of the box look for your printing jobs then you must get Hatchbox 1.75mm White PLA. The print job will be done to give an even surface and its results do not diminish in quality, no matter how much work you have to do. It gives a great output with every print. So here are some pros and cons of this material.


Smooth finish to printing jobs

The Hatchbox 1.75mm White PLA has a great size tolerance that gives a very smooth surface in bigger prints. If the temperature setting is ideal at 200 C the filament will stick evenly creating a flat surface without any deformities in your printing work.

The smooth white finish has a slight glossy sheen, which can be painted, if required. The color too comes out consistently as the diameter is maintained with a tolerance of .05mm

Minimum dripping

The high quality of allows bare minimum drips so you have most economical printing work and practically no wastage due to oozing of filament from nozzle.

Superb Packing and straight filaments

The 3D printing filaments are very delicate and must be stored in some safe container to shield it from moisture. Keeping this thing in view, HatchBox ships this product in a thick airtight, vacuum sealed box and when it is unrolled it remains straight. So, it can be easily fed to the printer motor.

Easy cutting, sanding and grinding

It can be easily carved using a rotary knife. If you need a smoother surface, you can sand it, without discoloring it. Any standard cutting knife can be used to cut cleanly and evenly.

No strings, No jamming

This filament gives flawless prints with only traces of strings, which can be easily smoothened out with a little grinding. This product is quite strong to be used on a hot extruder motor without any jamming.

Good deal at a low price

Most of the amazon buyers of the Hatchbox 1.75mm White PLA have vouched for the superior quality of this product at a very economical price.


A few users are of the opinion that the white filament is a bit brittle as compared to other colors. But this is observed for white filaments in other brands too. This brittleness makes the parts easily delaminated.

So if your work involves creating small art pieces or throwaway prototypes, then this product will suit your requirement, without pinching you at pocket. But for bigger prints, it may give a bit lower quality.


For smooth, amazingly fine prototypes and decorative pieces, this is a brilliant filament to start with. It gives smooth white prints without any strings or blots, and can be used to paint again and again with best output always.

The print objects come out very even and lightweight, due to precise layers. Out of 105 Amazon buyers, 81% have given 5 stars to this product. So what are you waiting for? If you have some amazing designs, convert them into reality in shape of models, prototypes or some amazing artwork.

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