NinjaFlex Filaments for Superior Colors | Review for 2024


In industries where product design must undergo rigorous evaluation across multiple parameters before proceeding to mass production, 3D printing is indispensable.

This is particularly true for sectors such as robotics, heavy machinery, airplane manufacturing, and other areas involving sophisticated equipment.

The precision of prototypes and the design of components are crucial in these fields.

NinjaFlex has redefined 3D printing by introducing innovative printing filaments that combine exceptional elasticity with durability and resistance to wear.

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NinjaFlex Gives Opportunities to Make Masterpiece

If your requirements for 3D printing is not limited to part manufacturing, but is more artistically aligned, then NinjaFlex gives you a whole galaxy of opportunities to create those masterpieces, which display your brilliant imagination. You can use these filaments for flawless, clean and outstanding printed artifacts.

The reliability of NinjaFlex comes automatically since it uses the most innovative formulated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This material is especially suitable for 3D printers using the direct-drive extruders. Another thing that makes it a class apart, is that it is a USA patent pending technology, so you can rely on its technical superiority.

Printed Objects at Highest Standard

As far as the buyers of these filaments are concerned, they vouch for the high level of detail of the printing parts, the intricacy of the designs, the superior flexibility offered by the NinjaFlex 3D printing filaments. These are also suitable for 3D printers which are meant to print with both ABS and PLA filaments, so you can keep working with your existing devices.

The advanced technology used in manufacturing these perfect filaments has given some of the best 3D printing filaments accentuated with features like constant diameter, smooth feeding and flow, excellent platform adhesion, close bonds between layers, appropriate hardness and value for money.

All the filaments agree to the strict standards like REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive, so you will hardly have any doubts about the quality of these filaments

Filament Packaging in Various Spool Sizes

You can buy NinjaFlex Filaments in 1.75mm (.50kg) and 3mm (.75kg) spools. So you have the option to buy in small amounts or in bulk, suiting your specific printing needs. Available in various colors can be used in making all types of models as per colors recommended by your clients or for your own creative needs. You can have a vibrant display of colors in your creations.

The Superior printing tasks and affordable price make these filaments among the top choices for 3D printing filaments among the Amazon Buyers.

NinjaFlex TPE Filament

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NinjaFlex TPE Filament
NinjaFlex TPE Filament

As you have purchased this extremely promising 3D printer and you want to play around with this gizmo of modern designing. But you are not sure about the right filament to use.

You have tried with PLA and ABS but you want a more flexible yet sturdy filament that maintains the shape of your prototypes.

Don’t look anywhere, just get NinjaFlex TPE Filament and see how your creative designs take tangible and practical shapes.


Soft and Smooth finish

The NinjaFlex TPE filament is so soft that it gives the smoothest finish to the parts you print. Due to its pliability, it is highly moldable and can be used to create any intricate patterns with extreme accuracy and clarity. You can create block printing patterns to some very complex machine parts with ease.

Easily fed into the extruder

Usually the users face the problems of feeding the filament into a tiny extruder in the motor. Even though this filament is very soft and flexible, but still you will hardly face any problem while feeding it to the motor. Once fixed it can continue your printing task with high precision.

Great printing without sticking

If you are creating some flattened parts, then you might be worried that whether it will come out cleanly from printing platform surface. You can be assured that printing a plate like the article on the platform at 35C will not at all stick to it. It will come out easily without creating a mess.

Easily removable strings

At an ideal temperature of the extruder, it gives the softest surface possible for your prototypes and if some strings remain behind they can be easily cut with a sharp cutter, without damaging the look of the print.

No distorted shapes

The super-strong yet flexible material sets itself quickly after it gets into the shape of your printing. All you have to do is provide the right design and you will get accurate prints without any kind of distortions.


The one problem that is observed with NinjaFlex TSE filament is that you have to slow down the printing because this filament molds slower that ABS or PLA. But when doing quality work who cares about speed?

It is nearly four times more expensive than ABS but the quality of the printing will make you forget the extra money you will spend.


Most of the Amazon buyers of NinjaFlex TPE Filament have felt a sense of “WOW” with the print jobs done using this flexible filament. Basically made of rubber stuff this filament will give super-strong parts and highly water resistant print. The range of colors will amaze you with the option of printing with a variety of color combinations.

So break shackles from the limited colors and brittle filaments and impress the world with your vibrant creations.

NinjaFlex Grass Green

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NinjaFlex Grass Green
NinjaFlex Grass Green

If you are going to design some custom jewelry, to make a unique style statement, you must do 3D printing using NinjaFlex Grass Green TPE 3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm. It is most flexible filaments you will ever have, yet it is so sturdy that you can print iPhone cases and iPad cases.

Flexibility of bending and strength at the same time will let you create many innovative parts with high precision. With a good measure of hardness, it can make any kinds of models and prototypes.


Great Flexibility

This filament is enormously bendable that can give you the capability of controlling the flow as per your needs. You can easily manage printing by keeping the extruder very near to the drive gear.

Control Quality with slow printing

If you need quality you have to go slow. So this particular filament has the flexibility which, when combined with slow paced printing gives you the advantage of making most bendable prototypes ever made.

Free of Nozzle jams

It pliability and soft texture keeps the nozzle jam free. So you don’t have to stop the printing jobs in between for that intermittent cleanup. All you need to do is to keep the extruder at the right temperature.

No Blobs in printing

Any filament, which runs smoothly through the nozzle, is beneficial since it gives you a blob free printing. No strings, no dribbles, no blotches, all you get is super flexible, clean and strong prints

Durable Printing

The rubbery nature of this filament ensures that you get the most perfect and durable printing, giving you the most reliable prints ever, and which are strictly according to the layout or plan of the project


The look, feel and strength of the parts made from NinjaFlex Grass Green TPE 3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm is remarkable, but to achieve such flawless goals, you must need to put a retro-fit bracket so that the filament, when passes through the nozzle, maintain its stream to avoid distorted products.

The slow printing, to some users may look like a disadvantage, but here it will be good to achieve high quality end products.


  • So finally revisiting the benefits of this innovative 3D printing filament, you will be amazed by its strength, flexibility and quality. You can plan some skill learning sessions with your kids where you all can create toys, fun items and decorative pieces for your home. You can also give some outstanding parts and components to your clients who look for precision and accuracy with flexibility for their machine components.
  • So if you have bagged a project to give some flexible models, then get the NinjaFlex Grass Green TPE 3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm to make them more than perfect.

Semiflex NinjaFlex TPE Filament

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NinjaFlex Black TPE
NinjaFlex Black TPE

NinjaFlex has gone a step ahead with Semiflex NinjaFlex TPE Filament, by adding extra strength to its core product. How does it benefit you? Well, you get a flexible but strong filament to add backbone in your prototypes.
Tough, robust, flexible, elastic, scratch resistant, smooth surface are few compliments that are generously associated with the prints done using this filament.

The advanced features added to this filament adds to the life, durability and utility of the models printed. You will hardly find any flaws on the surface due to amazingly seamless bonding between layers.


Flawless output

If your aim is to make some parts and components, which should have stunning looks too, then Semiflex NinjaFlex TPE Filament will never let you down. The bonding between the layers gives the smooth surface that can be easily painted if needed.

Stretchable and rigid

Can you expect both flexibility and rigidity together? No? But if you get both in one filament, it will be like getting twice the benefit at one price. When you are printing, flexibility will help in smooth flow to give great vertical printing and when you are done with the printing task, you get a robust but bendable part. So get the best of both.

Accurate printing

Since the bonding between layers is smooth, so the printing job will be the exact replica of the design which you have created after a lot of patience and hard work. Accurate printing is the basic need of the parts where precision decide the success or failure of the final product. Do not worry, you will always succeed when using this amazing filament

Faster Printing

If you are a bit unsatisfied with printing speed using NinjaFlex TPE Filament, then you will be quite happy with the results of Semiflex NinjaFlex TPE Filament in terms of speed of printing, since it prints twice faster.


One limitation which can be a decisive factor for you, is that if you have been given task where you require a variety of colors for printing parts, you get only 7 colors with Semiflex NinjaFlex TPE Filament.

But if you are printing throwaway prototypes or parts, then these filaments, due to great strength and flexibility, will do all your tasks brilliantly


Amazon buyers of SemiFlex NinjaFlex TPE Filament have endorsed it for its exceptional print capabilities and flexibility, along with the smoothest surfaces possible for prints. Being a rubber filament at the core and with increased strength, the prints can be as intricate and detailed as you desire and need.

In spite of limited colors it will still give your clients a superior printing. So go ahead with this robust filament that exudes smoothly through motor nozzle, to give the exact shape to your designs.

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