The Best and Fast 3D Printer for under 500 | da Vinci 3D Printer Review – 2017

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Easy Instalation

  • XYZprinting 3D Printers is the brand renowned for easy installation and configuration, making the prototyping and modelling jobs very easy as well as cost-effective and on of best 3d printers.

User Friendly

  • The printers are user-friendly and are equally efficient to handle printing tasks of any scale whether commercial or domestic.

Used by Various Types of Users

  • All across the globe the XYZ printers are successfully used by industrialists, professionals, designers, artists and hobbyists for commercial or personal pursuits.


  • Kinpo group plays emphasis on superior designs of all its products, which is the reason behind the outstanding performance and high quality results for these world class equipment. These printers are versatile and have a high utility value since they are compatible with maximum range of filaments available in the market and one of the best affordable 3d printer.

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Easy Calibration

  • XYZprinting printers have plug-and-play features just like any 2D printer to make it easy to install and use. They can be calibrated easily following the accompanied resourceful user manuals. The features of these printers exhibiting outstanding quality make these printers a tough competition to the printers of other brands. Most of XYZ printers can boast of a large print area with a clear and secure view to monitor the printing process
  • Cloud Support for its Users
  • The company meticulously planned to support the users of their awesome printers. So they have created patented software to operate the printers. They have innovated the hardware by overcoming the limitations of traditional design so that the customers get the best in the prints as found in 3d printer reviews 2015.
  • Such innovation and provision of associated services through the Cloud has generated a positive feel and a sense of trust among the customers.

Advanced Safety Features

  • The uniqueness and utility of XYZprinting printers come with some outstanding features. These distinct features are programmed calibration, reporting the end of a filament, an incorporated alarm to alert the user about possible burns and heated parts of the printer. This is a big safety feature ever possible in 3D printers making it best value 3d printer.

Easy to Print Bigger Objects

  • These printers are capable of bigger prints, but the only issue is the space they demand to be installed. But if you are given some bulk printing order by your clients, then surely you will manage to have sufficient space with proper ventilation to install and print. These features of da Vinci 3D Printer make it compete for best 3d printer for home.

Large Community of Users

  • This is the age of the Internet and sharing. Community support associated with a brand indicates its success and acceptance by the masses. XYZprinting has a huge community of users, designers and customers. You can have a trustworthy virtual space where you can share your experiences, designs and problems. You will get inspiration, solutions and 1000+ great products created and displayed by this global community.

Best 3d printers under 500 – Compared

  • XYZprinting has a number of printers to boast of and to show off their prowess in the field of 3D printing. But I have selected two of their unmatched models, which I find the best ones to print on. I will compare Da Vinci 1.0and Da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-in-One on various attributes. You will have a glimpse of the features of these wonderful printers owing to which these printers have reserved a place in this review article searching for best 3d printer for the money.

Top rated 3D Printers cheaper than 500:

The XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 AiO | Easy Scan/Edit/Print – 2017



    • Sometimes you might have wished to have some magic wand with which you could make an exact replica of an existing object. Your wish is granted here. How? Well, XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-in-One 3D Printer (Scan/Edit/Print) is one such device with which, you can make a design copy by scanning an existing object. You can then edit this soft copy and print in a new color.
    • This printer has attained its position among Best 3D Printers under 500, 3D All-in-One printers and the proof is the Tom’s Guide Best of Computex 2014 Award, won by this innovative printer. The model is very handy with three steps of Scan, Edit and Print. It uses a highly advanced Asymmetric scan algorithm that completes the scanning process of any kind or surface within 5 minutes and you are ready to modify it as you desire.


  • The scan process is too simple and quick with the automatic rotation platform, so that all the aspects of the model are captured with precision. After scanning you can go ahead with the editing process with the Smart-fix Technology implemented in a user friendly XYZScan software. Final shape can be printed with a maximum volume of 456 cubic inches. So you can create great colored prints in minimum time.
  • Go through these advantages associated with theXYZPrinting 1.0 AiO 3D Printer and see how effective it is going to be for your printing business.


Plug-and-Play ease

This typical feature of modern day gadgets is incorporated seamlessly in the da Vinci All-in-One 3D for your ease. Open the package and plug it into your computer to get 3D prints. If you have some existing models to copy, then place them on print bed, scan them, edit and print. Minimum calibration is needed after you open this da Vinci 3D Printer.

User-friendly Software

Like other digital devices, this printer too can be guided for printing with the help of a software by scanning and editing the part designs. You will get an easy to use software that does not require any special training. If you are new to 3D printing, you still can easily edit scanned 3D stereo drawing files, preview them and print without hassles.

Large and enclosed print area

A large printing platform is provided in a fully enclosed area, to secure the printing process from external interference. It protects you from the heat generated while the filament of melted and stacked into layers forming beautiful prototypes.

LCD control interface

This da Vinci 3D All-in-one printer (Best 3D Printers under 500) has an LCD control interface to give you the flexibility to input settings for those fine prints. You can set resolution, temperature level and other parameters values the print task requires.

2-way laser for asymmetric Scanning

Scanning is an important process, if cloning of existing objects is your need. The Dual-head HD laser and the rotating platform are ideal to gather 360 degree 3D image. The asymmetric scanning process generates the accurate model with precise spatial dimensions, to transform you into a 3D design veteran with least efforts.

Print Surface Levelling

To get the most perfect and flawless prints with no warps at all, the print surface must be leveled. The Da Vinci 3D Printer/Scanner comes with sensors that instruct the leveling of print surface for high quality prints.

Multi-Scan for high quality scan

If you are not satisfied with the scan results you can go for multi-scan option but only after you have updated the software for related functionality. You can scan an object multiple times from different angles. Finally, these scans will be integrated by the XYZScan software to create, the more precise model of the object.


  • Yes, scanning is perfectly fine for objects which have defined shape and structure, but if you have to scan transparent, glossy, or dark colored models, then you may get a bit disappointed. A solution with the glossy or transparent objects, can be considered by dusting it with some powder and improve the scanning considerably.
  • Another limitation is about the object weight. You can scan objects up to 3 kgs in weight, but you have the option to edit the scanned 3D model through integrated software, so manipulate the size of the final print accordingly. High quality scanning and printing makes XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-in-One 3D Printer a little slower, but not much to irritate you. You can still enjoy a great visual of softcopy design, printing to a tangible object in front of you.


  • This 3D printer, has a lot more to offer. Many other features make this 3D printer an excellent professional as well as personal 3D printing device. The printer has a cartridge system that simplifies working with ABS filament. The automated nozzle cleaning system ensures smoothest prints. It has a number of companion tools to make your job easier. And if you have to try your luck with 3D printing as a beginner, you can immediately start with a free spool of white ABS material shipped along for all Amazon Buyers for best 3D Printer under 500 USD.
  • The printer has received many rave reviews for its functioning and quality of outputs. But when you read the experiences of other users like you, then surely you will have a strong faith in this product. So for your trust I would mention here that da Vinci AiO All-in-One 3D printer has been highly recommended by more 48 out of 80 amazon buyers.
  • The 2-way scanning method integrated in this advanced printer promises accurate and speedy copies of the objects. Its compatibility with ABS and PLA filaments gives you the freedom to choose the material according to your need and budget limitations. You should not wait further, if you have made up your mind to venture into the field of 3D printing. You will not have a better option than this printer by XYZprinting.
  • The advantage of scanning is obvious that without relying on a designer to create the design, you can scan a real object, modify and send the output. So, save your precious time with the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-in-One 3D Printer and earn huge profits from your print jobs.

Download User Manual here

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The XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0| Top Pros and Cons – 2017

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0

XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0


Really Large Prints

This printer may look compact in visuals, but it has a build volume of 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inch. So you are able to print any prototype or model that is on the big side of print jobs. You will be getting up to 75% bigger prints than what other printers of this category are providing.

Plug and play

If you appreciate the benefits of the normal printers with ease of use known as plug and play, then you would be more than happy to find a 3D printer with the same advantage. XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer is a pre-assembled Plug-and-Play device. No configuration, no software installation is required.

Just connect it to your computer, design or download a design file and get the prints in virtually no time. If earlier you were troubled while installing a filament spool, quite a task with other printers, then this printer will let you forget all your earlier unpleasant experiences.


Enclosed safe operation

The complete 3D printing system is enclosed in a case with transparent front panel. It allows you to monitor the print progress and appreciate the modern technology advantages. With such setup, you will be protected from the high temperature generated by the heated nozzle, which do its work silently.

This setup protects the undergoing print from unwanted disturbance that may introduce distortions. Even the external filament feeding will keep the task in hand unperturbed.

Self-sufficient capabilities

Since the printer has to deal with a computer and an ever-changing software, this 3D printer is designed to automatically upgrade the software. The printer has a firmware sensor that helps in maintaining the print bed level for warp-less prints. The nozzle is also cleaned automatically.

Easy on pocket

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an owner of a huge workshop, you always have to consider the value for money with any kind of purchase you do. This printer is cost-effective since it comes in quite less price and it prints with almost all PLA and ABS filaments available in the market.

You have the option to buy the filaments of any brand to save your hard earned money.

LCD control interface

Controlling and setting printer for the prefect print jobs was never this easy. This printer comes with an LCD control interface on the front panel to conveniently define the settings for the flawless prints. Here you can choose the resolution for your prints, temperature setting according to the filament specifications and any other conditioning you need for the task.


Great on almost all the parameters, but one thing that some of you may complain is that this printer is a bit slower than other printers of the class. This issue can be overlooked in the presence of other positive attributes like affordability, easy and safe use.

The print quality is closely associated with the firmware, so you must keep your printer firmware updated with all the version revisions provided by the manufacturer.


  • If you are a novice in the field of 3D printing and you want to grow to be an expert, then this economical and versatile 3D printer is the best machine to start with. Its automatic software updates and the enclosed print space make it an ideal printer to learn the nuances of 3D printing. So much so that 68% out of 547 Amazon buyers have rated this printer as a good product with high reliability.
  • As far as its maintenance is concerned, automatic nozzle cleaning and auto update firmware, easy care make it the most appropriate 3D printer. Large print volume, control on resolution, density, temperature, quality, and nozzle speed are the other important features of this printer.
  • Its compatibility with two most common materials PLA and ABS and with most filament brands underscores its versatility. Although looks are not that important, but I could not help but appreciate its nice blue exteriors.
  • If you are really concerned about creating good quality models and prototypes for your clients or some unique utilities for your home, then you must get this economical and efficient 3D printer.
  • Your customers will have full trust on your services and your friends will envy unmatched décor of your home. And you will be overwhelmed with your own accomplishments in 3D printing.

Download: da Vinci 1.0 User Manual

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Market Trends in the US3D Printing Market – Printer Types, Materials and by Technology


3D printing market in the US is an industry showing immense potential for growth as per the latest trends. As per the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) reports, the segment shows a 21% growth rate in the years 2016 – 2021.It has a wide variety of applications in several industries and is considered a highly precise, cost- efficient method.

Therefore, the demand and the scope of growth is vast and the potential not fully explored. The US market trends reveal a pervasive growth in 3D printing technology and the quality and variety of printing materials.

What is 3D Printing?

Additive Manufacturing, Additive Printing Technology or 3D printing, as it is commonly known, is a method where you can design and develop 3 dimensional objects from a digital file. A 3- dimensional object is created by printing successive layers of material required for shaping the object. The layers are thinly sliced horizontal cross sections of the product.

The Advantages of Additive Manufacturing:

·        The cost of manufacturing is relatively less.

·        The resolution achieved is highly detailed.

red printer on a desk

·        There is scope for higher levels of customisation.

·        There is less scope for wastage of resources or raw materials.

·        The 3D printing technology is successfully used in manufacturing, defence, education, aerospace, healthcare, consumer electronics and automotive and engineering industries.

·        Simultaneous use of different printing materials to achieve the desired output.

·        A high level of accuracy and efficiency, with reduced scope for errors.

The Limitations:

·        The scope for industrial 3D printers is immense. Whereas, it still poses high production costs to individual users and comes with expensive 3D printing software.

·        Availability of skilled labour is still a constraint in this industry.

Market Trends for 3D Printing in the US:

The expected outcome for the growing demand is that, these 3D printers will be made available at a low cost and the Average Selling Prices (ASP) is also expected decline over the coming years. These 2 trends may have a positive influence in the markets in the coming years.

Among the various applications, the highest revenue- yielding is the consumer products industry.


The Market is categorised into several important segments:

·        Printer (personal versus industrial 3D printers)

·        Material (metal, plastics, ceramics, powder, liquid, filament etc.,)

·        Software (design, inspection, scanning)

·        Technology:

Ø  Stereolithography (SLA)

Ø  Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Ø  Laser Sintering (LS)

Ø  Laser Metal Description (LMP)

Ø  Fuse Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Ø  Electronic Beam Modelling (EBM) and

·        Process (Power Bed Fusion, Binder Jetting, Material Jetting, Direct Energy Deposition, Material Extrusion, Vat Photopolymerization and Sheet Lamination).

Among these segments, Printer has and is expected to dominate the country’s 3D market in the next few years.

And, industrial 3D printers are forecasted to dominate the 3D printing industry, because of the increase in precision per inch of part dimension, a quicker printing speed and the ability to accommodate new printing materials.


The US 3D printing industry by printer type, component type, technology, by process etc., reveal immense prospects for further growth and development over the coming years. The market shares and size is forecasted to expand exponentially.



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